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Corneal Transplant


Keratoconus is a disorder of the cornea that leads to progressive changes in its shape and structure.  Over time, the cornea becomes increasingly thinner and steeper.  In more advanced cases, patients with keratoconus can develop central scarring of the cornea.  All of these changes result in the formation of high levels of irregular astigmatism and myopia.  These refractive errors become increasingly difficult to treat through non-surgical options alone, such as glasses of specialty contact lenses. In advanced cases of keratoconus corneal transplantation is routinely performed to restore one’s sight.


Corneal Transplant

Over the years, more successful visual outcomes have been achieved through advancements in surgical technique as well as increased acceptance of donor tissue.  At Vision NYC we perform a thorough examination of your eye and use your previous corneal history to aid us in deciding if transplantation surgery is an option which may offer you improved visual acuity.  Restoring one’s sight from successful corneal transplantation is truly a life changing experience and we at Vision NYC hope to make your experience a positive one.


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