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Welcome to our Laser Vision Correction service, where we are the leading provider of top quality bladeless LASIK to Manhattan and the Metropolitan area.  There are many reasons why we believe that Vision NYC stands out from the rest and can provide you with the very best results for your Refractive Surgery.


Our premier American Board of Ophthalmology Certified surgeon Dr. Jonathan Kruh, completed his Ophthalmology residency at New York Medical College and went on to pursue further fellowship training in cornea and external disease.  He is a fellowship-trained surgeon in Cornea and Refractive Surgery from the Boston Eye Group.  In addition, he has also completed a fellowship in Uveitis and Ocular Immunology at Massachusetts Eye Research and Surgery Institution.


Prior to your surgery you will receive an in-depth pre-operative screening with our highly-trained staff and physician, Dr. Kruh.  At our practice you will receive a unique and individualized treatment plan to meet all of your visual needs.  Our multifaceted approach ensures patient safety and satisfaction at every step of the way.


Throughout your experience you will receive treatment on the most advanced technology available.  All refractive surgery (LASIK, LASEK, & PRK) performed by Dr. Kruh is bladeless.  He operates exclusively using the latest in technology with the Alcon Wavelight FS200 and Wavelight EX500 laser system to obtain the most precise results in vision correction.  Dr. Kruh uses this technology to provide the most personalized laser treatment for your cornea and prescription.


Come be a part of the 20/20 experience at Vision NYC.​




Top 10 LASIK Myths



"I'm too old!"

Anyone over 21 years of age, with a stable prescription is a potential candidate for Refractive Surgery (LASIK, LASEK, or PRK).  Stability of your prescription and the overall health of your eyes are the most important factors in ensuring a successful outcome.  Patients which are older (>40 years) may choose a monovision treatment to allow for the highest chance of spectacle-free independence for both distance and near tasks.



"LASIK is the only way to reduce my dependency on glasses and contact lenses.”

If you have been deemed a poor candidate for LASIK in the past, there are many new modalities to correct your vision.  Some of which include, LASEK, PRK, or lens replacement surgery.


"LASIK does not fix astigmatism."

Given today’s advancement in laser technology most forms of astigmatism can be successfully treated with laser eye surgery.

"It would be too much time off from work if I had surgery."

Contrary to what many people know about LASIK surgery, most LASIK patients can drive into the office by themselves for their post-operative day #1 visit without glasses or contact lenses.  Most patients after LASIK surgery return back to work within 1 day of the operation.  Patient’s undergoing LASEK or PRK require a longer healing time often necessitating a leave from work for 5-7 days post-operation.

"Will I receive general anesthesia the day of the surgery?"

No, only topical anesthesia is required. The procedure is well-tolerated by most patients, and only an oral medication is required to help you relax prior to the procedure.  

"This is an all day procedure."

The operation takes in total 12-15 minutes for both eyes.   The total time at the surgical facility the day of the procedure will be 2-3 hours.  You will require a car ride home with accompaniment.

"Does LASIK last forever?"

In Dr. Kruh’s experience, 95% of patients never need an enhancement after their primary procedure.

8 "I am afraid about halos, glare, and worsening dry eye after LASER surgery."

Although some patients report mild to moderate nighttime halos, glare, and dry eyes within the 1st few weeks after surgery, for the majority of the patients, these issues resolve after 1-3 months.  We perform extensive preoperative screening tests before your laser surgery to help evaluate your risks for such issues.  If you are a candidate for LASIK, our expert medical team will explain any risks you face before scheduling surgery.



"Could I lose vision?"

Millions of people have undergone LASIK since the early nineties.  When strict parameters are followed, blindness should not be part of the feared risks.  Although LASIK and LASEK are not procedures without risk, contact lenses do carry similar risks to the eye, such as severe corneal infections



10 "Can any LASIK surgeon provide me with the same care and outcome?"

DON’T trust your eyes to just anyone. You have only one pair of precious eyes and selecting your surgeon is not just important for ensuring competency, but most importantly, it is to ensure that you are in good, experienced hands that are able to manage any unexpected events that may happen, no matter how rare they might be.

Our Commitment to Quality
Commitment to Quality


At Vision NYC we never employ any bait-and-switch tactics. What we do provide is a complimentary one-on-one consultation with our fellowship-trained refractive surgeon Dr. Jonathan Kruh. Each patient is evaluated on an individual basis to ensure that you will achieve your BEST results.


Here are some of the reasons why we will NEVER advertise LASIK at a "bargain basement" price:

  • We offer ONLY state of the art blade-free Lasik flap creation. This minimizes complications associated with a blade cutting across the cornea. If you were to have a surgery on your eyes, wouldn’t you choose the precision that can only be found with bladeless technology? Always ask whether the LASIK flap creation is done with or without a blade.

  • We offer the Contura treatment and Iris Registration technology. This technology improves night vision, reduces glare and halo, and enhances the accuracy of astigmatism correction. Often discount LASIK facilities will only provide Traditional Laser Treatment at their discount price.

  • We allocate staff and resources to stay at the forefront of the refractive field. This includes outcomes tracking, constant staff training, and recertification. We do not cut corners to cut our prices.

  • Your LASIK screening includes a full comprehensive eye exam to screen for any eye conditions that you may have, or have not yet been diagnosed with.

  • Our Chief Surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Kruh is one of a handful of surgeons in the metropolitan area which has received a full surgical fellowship in Laser Vision Correction. In addition to his patient first attitude, he enjoys teaching the next set of young ophthalmologists at his former ophthalmology residency, New York Medical College.

  • Although Dr. Kruh ensures a smooth post-operative period, his patients always have direct access to his cell phone after their procedure in case questions should arise.


You only have one set of eyes, and you deserve the very best. Never discount your own eyes, your vision is worth it!

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