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When patients are told that they have developed a visually significant cataract it means that their natural lens has become cloudy and that their visual acuity has been diminished because of this condition. If the patient feels their visual acuity is impeded to the point where surgical intervention is required then cataract extraction is performed.  In that procedure the patient’s cloudy natural lens is replaced with an artificial lens known as an intraocular lens implant. Standard intraocular lenses have a fixed focal length and are designed to bring all the light coming through the implant into focus at one spot….the patient’s retina. If the goal is to make the patient’s visual acuity perfect at the distance, after cataract extraction with the insertion of a standard intraocular lens, spectacle correction is required for all activities performed at intermediate and/or near range. 



















A recent technological break through has been the development of a multifocal implant. These implants are designed to help reduce a patient’s dependence on glasses for both near and distance vision. These implants are not indicated for all patients and our ophthalmologists can determine whether or not a multifocal implant would be considered suitable for your needs.

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