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Traditional cataract surgery involves making a microincision through the cornea with a blade and then applying ultrasound technology (phacoemulsification) to break up the cataract for removal.


The femtosecond laser allows for part of the procedure to be replaced with the laser. This technique minimizes the use of a blade to make certain corneal incisions. The laser also aids in softening up the cataract making it easier to remove. In patients with pre-existing astigmatism, during the procedure the femtosecond laser may be able to reshape the cornea to treat mild to moderate astigmatic defects.

Learn about the precision offered by the laser cataract surgery experience.

Millions of cataracts have been removed by traditional cataract surgery….it is a proven highly successful procedure with patients getting excellent visual results. Some patients, however, have concomitant conditions where utilization of the laser during their cataract surgery could offer a new level of safety and improved accuracy. Please feel free to ask any of our surgeons whether you could benefit from utilizing this laser technology for your cataract procedure.

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