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Astigmatism is a condition where a meridian of their cornea is either flatter or steeper than the remaining cornea. To correct this refractive error the ophthalmologist writes a prescription for glasses that are ground to the patient’s unique specifications in order to maximize their visual acuity.   
If that same astigmatic patient develops a cataract that requires surgical attention a standard monofocal lens implant will not correct for astigmatism and therefore corrective spectacles may still be required post cataract surgery to optimize the patient’s visual acuity. A special implant…called a toric lens is now part of the surgeon’s armamentarium. At the time of your consultation with one of our ophthalmologists measurements will be taken to determine whether or not the use of a toric lens should be considered.

















Significant technological advances in cataract surgery and lens implant design have occurred since Dr. Harold Ridley put the first intraocular lenses in a patient’s eye in the 1950’s. The sophisticated surgery that our ophthalmologists perform today has been matched by incredible changes in intraocular lens design and performance. Choices made are dependent upon your visual needs in relationship to the specific characteristics and measurements of your eye. We have the experience to help you make the right decision.

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